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In December the enterprise has started up a modernized gantry crane with carrying capacity of 10 tones. 


About us

“Research and production  complex “Planeta-Rail” Ltd. is created in 2005. The enterprise is intended for re-profiling of used rails by a milling method, including the change of a working side.

Director of the enterprise – Kondratenko Victor Nikolaevich.

The modern process equipment, high mechanisation of production, wide use of modern methods of non-destroying control guarantee high quality and the reasonable price of turn out production, also great demand from enterprises  engaging in laying re-profiling rails on non-arterial (branched) as well as arterial rail tracks.

The company “Research and production complex ”Planeta-Rail” is a monopolist in the Ukrainian market. The production program for today states – 240 km of rails per year. The basic customers are railways of Ukraine. Work with the Ukrainian enterprises having branch tracks as well as subway is conducted also. The partner relations of the company with the Russian Federation are also developing profitable.

The usage of used rails after processing is one of the important types of efficient use of resources, also good alternative to obtain more expensive and new materials.


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