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In December the enterprise has started up a modernized gantry crane with carrying capacity of 10 tones. 



At the enterprise the continuous-mechanized production on re-profiling of used rails is provided. The line structure includes the production machinery bought in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

OJSC “Starokramatorsky machine factory” (Kramatorsk) has manufactured in single copy for “Research and production  complex ”Planeta-Rail” unique press which corrects a rail, both in a vertical plane, and in the horizontal.
In many countries of the world rail-welding stationary machine K-1000 has successfully proved itself. The production plant – joint-stock company “Kahovsky factory of electric welding equipment”.

Russia delivers to our company the high-efficient equipment:

  • the machine rail-milling RFS 6992 1 – manufacturer “the Ulyanovsk factory of heavy machine tools” (Ulyanovsk). The given machine tools successfully work in Russia and particularly at Syzransky factory on re-profiling of used rails. This machine tool recovers the profile of a rail head by means of a special mills’ set;
  • hydraulic press for welded seams testing MPS-300 – the manufacturer of Kimry, the Tver Region, being more economic and compact in comparison with presses manufactured by the Voronezh factory of heavy presses;

By now “Ferta” company (Kharkov) produces for our enterprise a complex of the equipment of non-destroying control quality of used rails which has no analogues in the world and allows revealing, marking and recording of 24 defects types.


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