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In December the enterprise has started up a modernized gantry crane with carrying capacity of 10 tones. 



Scheme of technological process

Technological process of re-profiling of used rails is made under the scheme confirmed by the chief engineer of Management of track facilities of the State administration of railway transportation “Ukrzaliznyzya”, and provides performance of following operations:


  1. used rails supply to the shop;
  2. clearing of a dirt;
  3. rails shaping;
  4. defectoscoping;
  5. defective places cutting;
  6. cleanup before welding;
  7. welding and test of welded seams;
  8. re-profiling;
  9. welded seams defectoscoping;
  10. measured cut as well as drilling of apertures;
  11. facets removal

Used rails deliver to a warehouse by rail. Unloading of rails from platforms is carried out by means of traveling-bridge with capacity of 30 tones, equipped special support beam. After rails’ sorting and defining of a working side, they are loaded on a product line feeder by the bridge crane with capacity of 5 tones, then deliver them on a site of rails clearing and clears of a dirt. The cleared rails arrive on a arbor press on which if necessary the correcting in a horizontal plane is made by means of inverting unit after which the rail deliver to a complex of non-destroying control with the help of which configure presence of defective places, mark and pass to a special abrasive-cutting machine – model M 16-1648 for defective places cutting out. The cut out useless ends dump in waist capacity, and suitable pass for welding. Before welding on suitable cut off pieces the contact surface of rails (head and sole) is smoothed out by grinding machine MRSHZ.

Rails’ welding make with the help of rail-welding stationary machine-passing type К-1000. The machine is equipped with built in weld trimmer for burr removal and squeezed out metal. After welding the correction of welded joints and cleanup is provided.

For quality check of welded joints the separately standing hydraulic press of model MPS-300 is involved, on which two times per shift the tests for welded control samples for a static bend is provided.

Re-profiling is made on rail-milling machines of model RFC 6992 M which completely restore a profile of rail head.

Before the ends cutting and drilling of apertures procedure, re-profiled rails are delivered on sound control installations where the final ultrasonic test for welded joints is provided

Cutting and apertures’ drilling is made on the cutoff-drilling machine of model MP6-1515, the facets are removed by means of facet-extruder FS2. Re-profiled rails are delivered to a warehouse of rails for further sending to the customer. In a warehouse the rails contour cleanup is made by the means of grinding machines MRSHZ.



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